Fully Funded Russian Scholarship 2023

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Scholarship Overview

The "Global Universities" Association offers the Open Doors Russian Scholarship for International Students in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The grant is offered based on competition for masters and Ph.D. studies.

The competition is aimed at aspiring masters and doctoral candidates. It allows winners and runners-up to study at any Russian university (including top-tier Russian universities), with tuition fees covered by the state. This translates to a 100% tuition discount plus a government scholarship at one of the top-tier Russian universities participating in the 5-100 project, which aims to elevate their standing on the global research and education market with 21 Nobel Prize winners.

Scholarship Benefits

Winners and runner-ups to study at any Russian university, with tuition fees covered by the state, which implies a 100% discount on tuition + a governmental scholarship.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Participation is open to all foreign citizens and compatriots
    permanently residing abroad. Participants must have a bachelor’s (alternatively a five-
    year specialist’s degree) or complete the required degree program in 2022.
  • English Language Requirements: Participants can participate in either Russian or English.


The scholarship is available to pursue masters and Ph.D. programs.
Study Subject:

•                     Biology & Biotechnology
•                     Computer & Data Science
•                     Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence
•                     Business & Management
•                     Politics & International Relations
•                     Neuroscience & Psychology
•                     Physical Sciences
•                     Linguistics & Modern Languages
•                     Chemistry & Materials Science
•                     Economics & Econometrics
•                     Engineering & Technology
•                     Clinical Medicine & Public Health
•                     Earth Sciences
•                     Education

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