Free Waiver at Tilburg University Master Scholarship in the Netherlands

Tilburg University Master Scholarship highly values the Research Master's programs we offer. The Research Master is seen as the first step into a research career and could end up in a PhD position at Tilburg University or any other university. Besides an academic career, some Research Master's students end up at research-intensive organizations. In order to stimulate students to choose a Research Master's program, Tilburg University offers a very attractive waiver.

Free Waiver at Tilburg University Master Scholarship in the Netherlands

Scholarship Benefits

Students who got admitted to a Tilburg University Master Scholarship will pay the statutory fee instead of the institutional fee. In practice, this means that you will pay a fee of € 2,143 per year instead of a tuition fee between € 11,100 and € 14,600 for the academic year 2020-2021.


Scholarship Eligibility

Students with a non-EU/EEA nationality who completed a relevant Bachelor’s degree and who wish to enroll in one of the following Tilburg University Master Scholarship for the academic year 2020/2021:

  • MSc Research Master in Economics
  • MSc Research Master in Business
  • MSc Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • MSc Research Master in Psychology Individual Differences and Assessment
  • MA Research Master in Linguistics and Communication Sciences

Scholarship Requirements

Students who got admitted to the Research Master in Economics or the Research Master in Business will also be considered for the Center and Koopmans Scholarships.


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