British Academy International Fellowships in UK 2024

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The British Academy International Fellowships in UK are open to all nationals. It is currently open for applications and is a unique fellowship program for early-career researchers from around the world. It offers researchers the opportunity to spend two years at a UK institution, promoting a globally connected and innovative workforce. The fellowship by the British Academy aims to assist exceptional early-career researchers in starting an independent research career by gaining valuable international experience. Each fellowship facilitates dedicated research, ensuring that the researcher engages in high-quality research activities. 

It is an initiative of the British Academy and the Royal Society and receives funding from the UK’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy. It provides generous support to all fellows for a period of two years, and the award is at 80% FEC. They can apply for research-related expenses along with relocation expenses. However, applicants will have to justify why they want to secure this funding in their application. Moreover, the main goal of the 2024 International Fellowships Programme is to draw in promising talent within the UK.

The British Academy stands as the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences. Founded in 1902, it operates as an institution of world-leading scholars and researchers. The International Fellowships by the British Academy are a prestigious opportunity for researchers and fellows to engage in high-quality research and academic exchange.

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The benefits of the British Academy International Fellowships in UK are:

1. All fellows will receive financial support and can apply for research-related expenses of up to £12,000 along with relocation expenses of up to £8,000.

2. The fellowship provides an opportunity for early career researchers to establish themselves in the academic community and build a successful research career.

3. Similarly, receiving a British Academy Fellowship enhances the researcher’s academic credentials and credibility.

4. The BA fellowship also allows researchers to gain international experience by working at a UK institution.

5. Being a British Academy Fellow is a prestigious honor that allows them to study in the UK.

6. Candidates may also qualify for additional alumni funding following the conclusion of their Fellowship tenure to facilitate networking with researchers in the UK or abroad.


The eligibility criteria for the British Academy International Fellowships in UK are stated below:

1. International applicants from around the world are welcome to apply for this fellowship in the UK.

2. Applicants must be employed outside the UK and should not hold UK citizenship.

3. All fellows must have a PhD or be in the final phase of completing their PhD, ensuring it will be finished, including the viva, before the fellowship’s start date (or have equivalent research experience).

4. Similarly, the applicant’s total active full-time postdoctoral experience should not exceed seven years at the time of application. This includes teaching roles, industry research involvement, honorary positions, and visiting researcher positions.

5. Any career breaks must also be clearly outlined in the application, specifying start and end dates, such as maternity or paternity leave.

6. Individuals who are not currently working are still eligible to apply. However, they must provide details of their previous supervisor.

7. In addition, fellows should demonstrate proficiency in spoken and written English.

8. They must develop a clear outline of research proposal that has been mutually agreed upon with a host researcher in the UK.

9. Individuals who are already living, working, or pursuing research in the UK are not eligible to apply for the British Academy International Fellowship.

10. Applicants working at a UK-based organization but working outside the UK are also not eligible to apply.

11. Moreover, previous recipients of the Newton International Fellowship are not eligible to apply for this International Fellowship program.

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