Scholarship Overview

Fully Funded Scholarships at the University of Toronto for  Outstanding international students have an unrivaled opportunity to study at one of the top institutions in the world in one of the most multicultural cities in the world thanks to the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships at the University of Toronto. The scholarship program aims to honor students who exhibit remarkable creativity and academic accomplishment and who are regarded as leaders in their school. The student's influence on their school and community as well as their ability to benefit the world community in the future are given great consideration.

These scholarships, which are given out annually, honor deserving students from all around the world, including foreigners who attend Canadian high schools. The most renowned and competitive scholarship available to overseas students at U of T is this one. For four years, full housing support as well as tuition, books, and incidentals are all included in the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships. The grant is exclusively valid for first-year undergraduate programs at the University of Toronto. The number of Lester B. Pearson Scholars will be around 37 per year.

Scholarship Benefits

Fully Funded Scholarships U of T offers over 5105 distinct awards to undergraduate students. Some awards may have multiple recipients, while others may only have one.

The University has comprehensive scholarship programs that recognize outstanding achievements at different levels of study.

Overall the University, its colleges, faculties, and divisions award approximately 4500 admission scholarships that total nearly $20 million.

Students have access to nearly 5900 in-course scholarships every year. These scholarships are for current students who are excelling in their programs.

Top students will automatically be considered for most of these awards, but be sure to browse through the various opportunities, as some do require applications.

With some exceptions, students are permitted to combine awards so keep applying for awards even after you are admitted to U of T.

For more general information on finances at U of T, please visit the U of T Awards.

Scholarship Eligibility

Fully Funded Scholarships Eligibility

To be eligible to apply to the Pearson International Scholarship, you must be:

  • an international student (i.e. a non-Canadian requiring a study permit);
  • currently in your final year of secondary school or have graduated no earlier than June 2022
  • beginning your studies at the University of Toronto in September 2023 (students already attending post-secondary studies cannot be considered; students starting their studies in January 2023 at another post-secondary institution cannot be considered)


U of T offers over 2400 awards to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Awards listed in this repository are typically ones where an application is required. There are numerous awards not publicly displayed as students are automatically considered.

Funding opportunities for graduate students vary depending on whether you are enrolled in a professional or research-stream program.

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