Fully Funded Kuwait Government Scholarships

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Scholarship Overview

The Fully Funded Kuwait Government Scholarships for the Academic Year 2021-2022-2023 are now open for online applications. The Kuwaiti Scholarships are available to Study Full-time UndergraduateMasters, and PhD Degree Programs from the Kuwait Universities. The Kuwaiti Government Scholarships by the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education are also open for application for the 2022-2023 batch.

Scholarship Benefits

Financial Coverage for Kuwait Government Scholarships

  • Tuition and fee
  • Books
  • Monthly Stipends
  • Airfare
  • Stationery items
  • Other related costs.
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Scholarship Eligibility

The eligibility of Kuwait Government Scholarships

  • Be of good conduct
  • To submit all the documents required to register for these grants
  • Submit the official certified documents that show the academic sequence of the secondary stage for certificates issued outside the State of Kuwait
  • Submit official documents certified by the competent authorities and according to the conditions of the donor country
  • To have a high school diploma or its equivalent in accordance with the conditions and criteria decided by the host country and the Ministry, provided that the certificate is valid for a period of two years from the date of obtaining it.
  • The equivalency of the general secondary certificate (from outside Kuwait) at the Ministry of Education
  • To submit to the Ministry the original copy of the pass form in the secondary school certificate or its equivalent
  • Submit the official return from the competent authorities for the following certificates:
    1. General secondary certificate or its equivalent
    2. University and graduate degrees
  • Pass the medical examination
  • Pass all the requirements of the foundation program at the university
  • Not to have received a scholarship or scholarship in a previous or current period and then withdrew or was dismissed from it
  • A bachelor’s student must devote himself fully to study and may not be combined with any scholarship or scholarship offered by another party.
  • The postgraduate student must be academically licensed by his employer to obtain the required academic degree
  • The student and his guardian must appear in person when applying for the bachelor’s degree and sign the commitment pledge before the official authorities to pay all personal obligations during the grant period
  • To meet the conditions set by the host (country / agency) and the ministry
  • A student wishing to obtain a scholarship for a bachelor's degree must obtain a letter from social insurance stating that he is not employed
  • The student must abide by all the decisions issued by the Ministry
  • The age of the scholarship applicant for the undergraduate degree should not be more than 23 years (the twenty-third)
  • The student must apply to register for the scholarship within the specified period of the ministry’s announcement.
  • The student is obligated to submit all the required papers within a week from the date of informing the student of the candidacy.


All International Students (Kuwaiti, Non-Kuwaiti, and Diploma) may apply for Kuwait Ministry of Private Education Scholarships. These are Fully Funded Government scholarships.


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