Fully Funded Imperial College London PhD Scholarships in UK 2024

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The Fully Funded Imperial College London PhD Scholarships in UK are a huge attraction for talented and academically excellent aspirants for PhD programs. These fully funded scholarships provide an outstanding opportunity for Ph.D. scholars to continue their research and studies under the supervision of top supervisors. Imperial College London scholarship promotes diversity by inviting scholars from every nationality. Furthermore, it allows brilliant minds to become a part of world-class universities without any worries about their financial status and background. This is because Imperial College London envisions a better society and a progressive world without any discrimination.

The highly competitive Ph.D. scholarship scheme serves Imperial College London to fulfill its mission to promote diversity and equality. So, this scholarship program attracts all student to continue their Ph.D. who shows extraordinary and distinctive academic career and potential research work. Furthermore, Imperial College London provides special assistance to students with disabilities to bring their expert minds into a single pool with other scholars. The Imperial College scholarships, hence, work in two ways: to benefit the communities and to raise the status of the college, which could promote diversity and equality.

It provides scholars with the opportunity to study in a highly supportive environment. The students at Imperial College have complete access to all the advanced learning tools and even the online available courses. The PhD scholars are also taking care of their mental health and well-being as Imperial College London aims at producing top influencers of the future. Moreover, the international students in the UK had the full support of the Imperial community for their well-being, help, and assistance.

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The benefits of the Fully Funded Imperial College London PhD Scholarships in UK are:

1. The grant covers the full tuition fee for the Ph.D. program.

2. The scholars will receive a stipend of £25,150 per year to meet the living cost.

3. The scholars will receive a consumable fluid of £2000 per year for the first three years of their PhD program.

4. The students will receive tailored assistance, i.e., assistance to students with disabilities and visa assistance to international students.

5. International students will have free “English Language Courses” and access to different clubs and communities of the college.


The eligibility criteria for the Fully Funded Imperial College London PhD Scholarships in UK are stated below:

1. The candidates can be from any nationality.

2. The candidates must have a first-class bachelor’s or master’s UK degree or equivalent.

3. The candidates who have stand-alone master’s degrees must have or are about to have a distinction in their relevant program.

4. For candidates who have multiple standalone master’s degrees, one of their degrees has the distinction as well as must be relevant to their proposed Ph.D. program.

5. Only those candidates will be eligible who have contacted the supervisor and have received confirmation of their assistance in research work candidates.

6. Only New Ph.D. Students are eligible. Candidates who are already studying PhD program at Imperial College London are not eligible.


How to Apply?

1. The candidates do not have to apply separately for scholarships and admission.

2. The candidates must apply for admission online on the College’s Online Admissions System.

3. While writing the personal statement, the first page must include the personal interest and the second page must include the research proposal.

4. Write your personal statement in the first person.

5. For the scholarship, the candidates have to select the funding section from the additional questions tab.

6. Every department has different requirements, so make sure to fulfill all the additional requirements of the department carefully.

Required Documents

1. Proof of distinction.

2. Academic Certificates or degrees.

3. Research Proposal.

4. Reference Letters (PDF for reference letter specimen/requirements).



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