Fully Funded DESY Summer Student Program in Germany 2024


31 January 2024
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Summer Program , Training


The Fully Funded DESY Summer Student Program in Germany is open to all internationals. It is an 8-week training period to experience research in one of the various fields pursued at DESY, Germany. It is open to bachelor’s students, those about to obtain their bachelor’s degree, or those who have completed their bachelor’s degree and are now in their master’s degree studies. DESY will fund the program, and they will cover the expenses. It will take place from July 16 to September 5, 2024. The selected candidates will do research at the DESY Laboratory in Hamburg or Zeuthen (Berlin). The DESY program is open to all participants from all countries. Summer students are expected to work 39 hours per week. More details about the program are given below.

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The eligibility criteria for the Fully Funded DESY Summer Student Program in Germany are stated below:

1. By the summer of 2024, at least three years of full-time studies at the university level

2. The main target audiences are students who, in summer 2024, are at the following two stages:

a) They are about to obtain their bachelor’s degree.
b) They have a bachelor’s degree and are in their master’s degree studies.

c) Applicants who have already obtained a Master’s degree or will obtain it by summer 2024 are not accepted.


The benefits of the Fully Funded DESY Summer Student Program in Germany are:

1. 1200 Euros/Month Stipend (The stipend is enough for living expenses)

2. Partial travel reimbursement from your country to Germany and then from Germany to home

3. DESY will send an official invitation letter to you for visa purposes. (Visa Assistance to those who require a visa to enter Germany)

4. Can stay in the DESY Hostel (at reduced rates) during the full program period.


DESY Program Fields

a) Photon science

b) Elementary particle physics and Accelerators

c) Astroparticle physics

Research projects can be categorized into different types of activities: practical work on detectors or experimental equipment, physics data analysis, software development, theory, and scientific computing, as well as natural science disciplines or computing.

Documents Required

Upload a single document (only in PDF format) containing the following:

1. CV (curriculum vitae)

2. University-grade certificates (e.g., bachelor’s certificate, credit points, etc.)

3. Two reference letters

4. Applicants from non-EU and non-EEA countries need a work permit for Germany to attend the DESY Summer Student Program. Please upload a separate second document (in one PDF file) containing the following:

a) A copy of your international passport

b) Your university provided a certificate of enrollment. It has to cover the whole program period, i.e., the beginning of July to mid-September 2024.

c) In addition, the Central Working Agency in Bonn requires the so-called “Declaration of Certificate of Enrollment,” which is also mandatory and has to be signed and stamped by your university, covering the same period (beginning in July to mid-September 20234). Link to Declaration of Certificate Of Enrollment