8th International Poster Contest in Greece 2024


The 8th International Poster Contest in Greece is open to all nationals. This poster contest is an initiative of the Museum of Typography Yiannis and Eleni Garedakis in Greece and offers an incredible opportunity for individuals to showcase their artistic skills. This year’s contest titled “Racism-Xenophobia” provides a platform for artists and designers from around the world to present their creativity and innovative ideas through poster design. By focusing on the theme of “Racism-Xenophobia,” the contest aims to shed light on an issue that resonates deeply across the world. This International Poster Competition by the Museum of Typography provides a platform for individuals to challenge stereotypes and fight against racism and xenophobia through their posters. 

The competition winners will be selected by a committee of three members. All professionals and students of graphic and visual arts must apply for this 8th International Poster Contest in Greece. It encourages applicants to speak about the theme “Racism-Xenophobia” through poster design and present their ideas on the topic.

Moreover, this poster competition on Racism-Xenophobia attracts graphic and visual artists from around the world. Interested applicants can participate in the 8th International Poster Contest by submitting a poster based on the theme mentioned above. All posters should be accompanied by a short description of the project. The Museum of Typography, located in Greece, is the very first museum of Typography that aims to preserve and celebrate the art and history of typography. Similarly, through thought-provoking posters, participants are invited to explore and confront issues related to racism and xenophobia.

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The eligibility criteria for the 8th International Poster Contest in Greece are stated below:

1. The Poster Contest in Greece particularly concerns adults, mainly professionals and students of visual arts and graphics.

2. Individuals from all around the world are eligible to apply for the 8th International Poster Contest.

3. All posters should be submitted with a short explanation of the meaning of the design and poster (up to 100 words).

4. Each participant can submit only a single, original work, which must not have been previously entered into any other competition.

5. Employees of “Haniotika Nea” SA and the “Museum of Typography Yiannis & Eleni Garedakis” are ineligible to participate in the 8th International Contest.

6. Any usage of artificial intelligence (AI) is not acceptable.

7. Posters must adhere to the dimensions of 50 × 70 cm in PDF format, utilizing the CMYK color space, with images set at 200 pixels per inch (ppi) and file sizes not exceeding 25 MB.


The benefits of the 8th International Poster Contest in Greece are:

1. The contest offers cash prizes and awards to the top three winners. This includes 2.000 Euros for the first-prize winner, 1.500 Euros for the second-prize winner, and 1.000 Euros for the third-prize winner.

2. In addition, these three winning posters will be showcased in an exhibition held at the amphitheater of the Museum of Typography for a duration of one year until the next contest begins.

3. All winners will receive their prizes during the award ceremony at the Museum of Typography in Greece.

4. Moreover, through the thematic focus of the contest, participants can address pressing social issues such as racism and xenophobia.

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