Fully Funded DAAD Hungary Scholarship 2024

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The Fully Funded DAAD Hungary Scholarship functions as a pivotal link between Hungarian and German academic realms, operating as the local arm of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The organization is dedicated to facilitating educational and research collaborations between the two nations. DAAD Hungary offers scholarships, grants, and specialized programs aimed at encouraging mobility among students and researchers. By fostering cross-cultural connections and endorsing academic excellence, the organization plays a significant role in strengthening the bonds between Hungarian and German institutions across various disciplines. Through its dedicated efforts, DAAD Hungary greatly contributes to enhancing the academic landscapes of both nations and advancing international cooperation.

This program's primary goal is to promote German education and academic endeavors related to German minorities in regions where German minorities are present. The scholarship aids individuals seeking further training and research opportunities at German universities. The program encompasses areas such as German as a foreign language, German as a mother tongue, German as a minority language, teaching German, German philology, German studies, and cultural, social, and humanities fields associated with the culture and history of German minorities.


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The benefits of the Fully Funded DAAD Hungary Scholarship are:

1. Monthly scholarship payments depending on the level of education euros for graduates1,200 euros for doctoral candidates and postdocs or

2. EUR 2,000 for lecturers/assistant professors, EUR 2,150 for professors.


1. For graduates, doctoral students, and postdocs: Benefits for health, accident, and personal liability insurance. A travel allowance, differentiated by country, is granted in the form of a flat rate for the trip from home to the university and back.

2. For lecturers and professors: The international travel expenses will only be covered if the foreign guest does not receive them from their home university or from another source. Health insurance: Health insurance coverage in Germany is mandatory. The costs are not covered by the DAAD. The insurance premiums are deducted from the subsidy rate. If desired, health insurance can be taken out through the DAAD. Accident and personal liability insurance is mandatory. For funding recipients who do not have health insurance through the DAAD, accident and personal liability insurance must be taken out separately (1.60 euros per month).


The eligibility criteria for the Fully Funded DAAD Hungary Scholarship are stated below:

1. Very well-qualified graduates, doctoral candidates, young scientists, or scientists

2. Lecturers/(assistant) professors

from the fields of German as a foreign language, German as a mother tongue, German as a minority language, teaching German, German philology, German studies as well as cultural, social, and humanities related to the culture and history of the German minorities.

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