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Top Active Scholarships in Germany

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13 March 2024


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Germany stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking to study abroad. The education system emphasizes rigorous research, maintains high standards, and adopts a more traditional, hierarchical approach to lectures and seminars. The application process is notably competitive. With over 400 higher education institutions, including 59 universities in the World University Rankings, Germany's universities are well-regarded in Europe. Choosing to study at a German university can offer numerous prospects for your future professional endeavors. There are abundant ongoing scholarships in Germany, catering to both domestic and international students, providing an opportunity to fulfill your educational aspirations.

Top Active Scholarships in Germany

1. Fully Funded Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Study Grants in Germany 2024

The Fully Funded Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Study Grants in Germany is open to all nationals except Germany. It is offered for master's and PhD degrees in the field of All subjects offered by the universities. The deadline for sending your application is as follows: deadline varies. This scholarship is provided by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS). It is aimed at foreign students and doctoral candidates who have already completed their studies in their home country and intend to complete further study (postgraduate program / Master), a doctorate, or at least a two-semester research stay at a German university.

The benefits of the Fully Funded Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Study Grants in Germany are:

  • A monthly flat rate of 300 € for study costs
  • Stipend up to €812 per month
  • Study visits abroad can be financially supported for up to two semesters
  • Health and nursing care insurance
  • Family allowance

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2. Fully Funded SBW Berlin International Scholarships in Germany 2024-25

The Fully Funded SBW Berlin International Scholarships in Germany is open to all nationals. Students who want to pursue their Undergraduate or Master's degrees are encouraged to apply for the German Scholarships. It aims to support young, talented students who are not financially strong and, during the scholarship duration, enhance and use their skills in non-profit projects back in their countries.

The students can study in Berlin and Potsdam universities based on their academic qualifications and social needs. The scholarship will fund all science and arts disciplines. A total of 20 scholarships will be awarded. They believe that education can change the fate of the generation and living standards of poor countries.

The scholarship will provide assistance for a maximum of 48 months, depending on the discipline and duration. Germany is the hub of education, with the world’s top-ranked universities providing high-quality education to all national and international students to develop and enhance their leadership skills and strengthen their country.

The benefits of the Fully Funded SBW Berlin International Scholarships in Germany are:

  • Complete Tuition Fee will be given
  • Shared accommodation
  • Living Allowance
  • Travel allowance in some cases

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3. Fully Funded Humboldt Research Fellowship in Germany 2024-25

The Fully Funded Humboldt Research Fellowship in Germany is open to all nationals. This research program in Germany by the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation offers all International researchers the chance to conduct research in Germany in 2024. Germany is one of the most technologically advanced and culturally rich countries globally, known for its cutting-edge research and academic excellence. The Humboldt Fellowship program is open to all researchers who have completed their postgraduate degrees within the last twelve years. It is an amazing opportunity for researchers all around the globe to bring remarkable changes with their research. 

It is funded by the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation to enable outstanding researchers and scholars from abroad to complete long-term research stays in Germany. It is an initiative by the Ministry of Germany and the Foreign Office to promote International cultural dialogue and academic exchange. The program provides opportunities for researchers from all academic disciplines, including natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences, to pursue research in collaboration with a German host institution. This fellowship, therefore, offers all fellows the opportunity to conduct research at top research institutions and universities in Germany for a duration of 6 to 24 months.

The benefits of the Fully Funded Humboldt Research Fellowship in Germany are:

  • The fellowship by Humboldt is a fully funded fellowship that offers all beginner postdoc fellows a monthly stipend of €2,670. 
  • The fellowship amount for experienced researchers well advanced in their careers receive a fellowship amount of €3,170. 
  • Mobility allowance and travel expenses are also covered.
  • Medical and health insurance will also be provided, along with personal support. 
  • Language courses for both the fellows and their partners will be provided.
  • Family stipend for accompanying family members staying for at least three months.
  • An allowance for a stay at a research institute in another European country.

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4. Fully Funded AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship in Germany 2024

The Fully Funded AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship in Germany is open now. It is an excellent opportunity for people with great oral and written communication skills. It’s one of the best opportunities for those passionate about learning the German language, have high leadership potential, have strong self-motivation ability, and have the capacity and capability to work on group projects. In order to get selected for this fellowship program, candidates must be highly devoted and target-oriented. The international forum sponsoring this AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship 2024 in Germany intends to support young African professionals and leaders in articulating initiatives to help overcome the continent’s growing social and economic challenges.

The aspirants who are enthusiastic about achieving their goals can work on this international platform and learn vigorously. The candidates must be open-minded in analyzing things on a bigger scale, be competent for intercultural exchange, and be capable of adapting to new atmospheres quickly; last but not least, the candidates must be able to demonstrate their personality. Interested candidates should not waste a second applying and participating in this fully-funded fellowship in Germany. The aspirants can apply for the AFRIKA KOMMT program only during the application phase and through their online application portal. Applications sent by email are not accepted.

AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship Program will refine your leadership and management skills, provide access to professional networks and build your network, broaden your prospect of knowledge, and help you grow and thrive in your career. This international fellowship program demands aspirants with the most visionary young leaders from Germany’s leading companies and Africa. The companies/organizations will benefit from their knowledge, experiences, networking, and unique perspectives. The German corporate specifications, business spirits, and German Culture will be inducted into the African candidates to explore their ways toward a better future. This international fellowship in Europe will empower individuals with international exposure, technical knowledge, and the German language. The aspirants of this AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship Program will become agents for building effective relationships with Africa and improving their home communities’ social and economic well-being.

The benefits of the Fully Funded AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship in Germany are:

  • Opportunity to attend a fully funded fellowship program.
  • Access to a professional network.
  • Become a part of the life-long community.
  • International exposure.
  • Refining your leadership and management skills.
  • Cultural integration.
  • The host organization will cover flight costs.
  • Fellows will also receive free accommodation.
  • A monthly stipend is given.
  • Training facility.
  • Language course facility.
  • The Africa Kommt Fellowship is a fantastic opportunity for students to visit Europe for free.

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5. Neufert Foundation Scholarships in Germany 2024

The Neufert Foundation Scholarships in Germany are open to all nationals pursuing their master's degree in architecture studies. The Neufert-Foundation gives out scholarships to students studying architecture, landscaping, and urban development who have completed their Bachelor's degree and are beginning a master's program.

The Neufert-Foundation has dedicated itself to conserving the cultural and architectural estate of Prof. Ernst Neufert. Ernst Neufert, who was a Bauhaus student and wrote the Bauentwurfslehre, traveled a lot to gather experiences and learn more about architecture. His studies abroad helped shape the extensive and internationally renowned work Ernst Neufert did. For this reason, the foundation would like to support young architects in collecting their own international experiences.

The Neufert Foundation Scholarships in Germany will provide the amount of 2500 euros. 

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Germany offers an exceptional opportunity for international students through its rigorous education system and prestigious universities. Various scholarships, such as the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Study Grants, SBW Berlin International Scholarships, Humboldt Research Fellowship, AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship, and Neufert Foundation Scholarships, provide fully funded opportunities for individuals to pursue their academic and professional aspirations in Germany. These scholarships cover a range of disciplines and offer benefits such as stipends, tuition fees, accommodation, travel allowances, and professional development opportunities. Germany's commitment to academic excellence, coupled with generous scholarship programs, makes it an attractive destination for students seeking a quality education and international experience.


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