Top 5 Medical Scholarships for Nigerian Students

If you are Nigerian students and seeking for scholarships, this top 5 Medical Scholarships for Nigerian Students post might be helpful for you. 


1) The University of Sheffield offers a large variety of scholarships in different disciplines for undergraduate and postgraduate students. High grades and excellent English is a must. Applications are now open for the 2019 academic year.

Nigerian students are warmly welcomed to study at this University. The very first student from Nigeria graduated in 1950 and ever since, the University has supported this cooperation.

2) Newcastle University in London offers 40 scholarships for international postgraduate students who have an excellent academic score.

3) The Clarendon Fund offers 140 scholarships for Masters and Ph.D. students at Oxford University.

1) The University of Cologne offers 2 scholarships for international Ph.D. students. Don’t miss your chance – the deadline is the 15th of December.

2) Scholarship for veterinary medicine students by World Veterinary Association in Belgium. Eligible only for Masters students. African nominees will be provided with $5000 grant for studying.