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How to Apply for Koc University Scholarship in Turkey 2024 | Step by Step Process

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02 April 2024


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The Turkish Scholarships program at Koc University is an initiative backed by the Turkish Government (Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities), aiming to offer financial assistance to international students pursuing various academic programs at specific Turkish universities. It caters to individuals from any nationality interested in undergraduate, master's, or Ph.D. studies in Turkey. Additionally, it facilitates collaborations between academicians, post-doctoral researchers, and their Turkish counterparts.


Koc Scholarship Coverage For Masters

  • Tuition waiver (96,500 TL/year)
  • Monthly stipend of 1,500 TL
  • Housing aid (750 TL/month) or free furnished housing (shared by 3-4 students) nearby campus (Graduate housing may be offered to the limited number of MS students depending on the availability of resources)
  • Private health insurance (limited coverage)
  • Travel support (once a year, at yearly determined fixed amount) to attend scientific events

Koc Scholarship Coverage For PhD

  • Tuition waiver (96,500 TL/year)
  • Monthly stipend of 3,000 TL (Increases to 3,500 TL after the PhD qualifier)
  • Housing aid (750 TL/month) or free furnished housing (shared by 3-4 students) nearby campus
  • Private health insurance (limited coverage)
  • Meal Card
  • Free HGS (Fast Transit Pass) car stickers for campus entrance
  • Travel support (once a year, at yearly determined fixed amount) to attend scientific events


  • Required Language: English.
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries.
  • All the applicants should apply through ONLINE APPLICATION PROGRAM.
  • Submitting an application without the required exam scores (GRE, TOEFL) significantly diminishes your admission chances and therefore your scholarship chances.
  • All applications are evaluated on the academic merits of the candidate and not financial need.
  • Scholarship results are communicated to candidates with the admission offer letter from the relevant Graduate School through the online application system and by email.
  • For specific Master and Ph.D. scholarship terms and benefits awarded by each Graduate School please visit their websites.

To know more about the Requirements of the Programs, please visit this link

Step-by-Step Application Process

Step - 1: Visit the official website

Step - 2: Click on Sign in/ Registration button to create an account

image.png 121.63 KB

After clicking the Sign in button, you will get a dialogue box like the below picture-

Here, you need to put your Email ID, and then click on the Register. 

After that, you will get a mail like the below picture-

Here you need to click on the register link.

After that, you will be get into another page  like the below picture-

Here, you need to fill your full name and a strong password. Then you need to click on the Register button.

After that you will be directed to another page like the below picture-

Here, you will already have your given name and e-mail in the first two boxes. You can add your mobile number (optional) and reference code (if you have). However, you must need to provide your citizenship information. 

After that your account will be created. 

Step-3: Here you need to check whether your preferred program either accepting application or not at the below of same page. 

For example, if you want to apply for chemical and biological engineering, you will need to apply click on the apply button. 

image.png 18.88 KB

Step - 4: 

a) Here you need fill out profile information. These will be your basic information. If you do do have any passport, you can apply by your NID number.

image.png 77 KB

Also you need to attach provide your formal picture.

image.png 55.58 KB

b) Next you need to fill out your contact information

image.png 49.15 KB

c) In the next page you can set your priorities regarding which programs you like to apply. You can apply up to three programs.

image.png 32.12 KB

d) In the next page you need to provide your educational details. You will start adding data latest degree you have gained. You can add more by clicking on the + Insert More block

image.png 69.54 KB

e) In the next page you can add your English Language Proficiency Score. Though it is an optional task, adding this score will increase your chances of getting the scholarship. 

image.png 126 KB

You can select your preferred language testing tool by clicking on the + Add a score  and then search. 

Then you can add points and the date of the result. You can more language testing score by clicking on the + Add a score button.

g) In the next page, you can add your details about extra curriculum activities, awards and many more that shows yours skills. 

image.png 40.44 KB

You can add as many activities as you want by click on the

h) In the next page, you must need to add Reference details. For example, if you want to apply for PHD, you will need letters of recommendation for applications to be submitted by referees and following the instructions that will be sent to their email addresses. Referees may submit their letter after the application deadline, but all letters should be submitted no later than one week after the application deadline. The references should be written by individuals who are well-qualified to speak from first-hand knowledge about the applicant’s potential for graduate study. Letters of recommendation must be submitted through the online application and not via email or postal mail.

In order to assure the reference's confidentiality, we will send a reference invitation to the e-mail address that you supply. The referee will be able to fill in the evaluation online. You will be notified when the reference is submitted. However, you will not be able to see it.

Please be aware that it's your responsibility to inform the referee(s) that his/her personal information will be stored and processed here.


image.png 77.71 KB

i) In the next page, you need to write a motivation letter. Please write at least 1500 words, but not more than 2000 words. 

One of the most important parts of your application is the motivation letter. Its goal is to introduce your background and support your application. In short, its goal is to answer the question:
“Why are you a suitable candidate?”

Write in a clear and logical manner: remember, the way you write and present yourself says a lot about you. Do not plagiarize as this will mean automatic disqualification from the evaluation process.

Some points that may help you answer this question:

  • Why have I chosen to apply to this programme?
  • What do I expect to gain from my studies?
  • Why does my academic and personal background make me a suitable candidate for this programme and for Koç University (potential for success, demonstrated qualities and skills)?
  • Why is Koç University a good choice for me as an individual?

Click here to check our How to write a strong Motivation Letter or Statement of Purpose video on YouTube.

image.png 52.79 KB

j) In this page, you can attach your required documents. You need to click on Activities to attach your documents. 

J) In the next page, you can see your attached documents.

I) In the next page you will need to answer these questions

image.png 58.29 KB

Step - 5: After providing all the details, you will need to check your details. If you are confident enough regarding your information, you can proceed to submit your application then. After submitting your details, if everything is alright, then you will get a message of Successfully Submitted. Otherwise, you will need to review your details again. 


How much GPA is required for scholarship in Turkey?
above 3.50 out of 4.

Is ielts required for Turkey Burslari scholarship?
One of the advantages of Türkiye Scholarships is that it is not require IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT scores during the application.

Is Turkey a good place to study?
Türkiye is the second country in the world in access to higher education with 94.2% schooling rate. 


Turkey Government Scholarships at Koc University, is one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world. It is an amazing opportunity for the internationals students to develop their academic excellence. Please follow the step-by-step application process to grab this opportunity. If you are successfully submit the application, the authorities will review your application and notify you through email about the result. You can also mail them for further queries. 

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