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Frequently asked questions

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What is Scholarship Union?
Scholarship Union is an online platform that aggregates and lists various scholarship opportunities from around the world. Our aim is to make it easier for students to discover financial aid opportunities that suit their needs.
How does Scholarship Union source scholarships?
We continuously scour the internet, educational institutions' announcements, and scholarship providers' websites to bring together a comprehensive list of scholarship opportunities available globally.
Does Scholarship Union offer its own scholarships?
No, Scholarship Union does not provide any scholarships. We are solely a platform that curates and lists scholarships from various sources.
Who can use Scholarship Union to find scholarships?
Scholarship Union is open to everyone. Our listings cater to students at different educational levels, from high school to postgraduate studies. Remember, each scholarship has its specific eligibility criteria, so always review the details carefully.
How often are new scholarships added to Scholarship Union?
We update our platform regularly (almost everyday) with new scholarship opportunities. We recommend checking back frequently or signing up for notifications to stay updated.
Are the scholarships listed on Scholarship Union legitimate?
We do our best to ensure that all scholarships we list are legitimate. However, we encourage students to conduct their own research and due diligence when applying to any scholarship.
How can I apply for a scholarship I found on Scholarship Union?
Each scholarship listing provides details on how to apply, often including a link to the official application form or the official scholarship website. All applications are made directly to the scholarship provider, not through Scholarship Union.
Is there a fee to use Scholarship Union?
Scholarship Union is a free platform. We believe in providing everyone equal access to scholarship information without any charges.
Do I need to submit any documents to Scholarship Union when finding a scholarship?
No, you don't need to submit any documents to us. All scholarship applications and document submissions are done directly with the scholarship provider.
I have questions about a specific scholarship. Can Scholarship Union help?
While we provide as much information as we can about each scholarship, for specific queries, it's best to contact the scholarship provider directly.