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Scholarship Overview

The students of America dream of pursuing advanced education in the reputed colleges and universities of the country; many of them want to study advanced courses in social media or digital marketing. This is a new trend apart from traditional engineering, medical, business management, and other disciplines.


With more US students showing interest in motivating and leading positive change through social networking, we have come up with the unique Leoboost scholarship for marketing students. Then, this scholarship is program is for those meritorious students, who have the knowledge and skill to pursue advanced studies but not the money to fund their education. That is because the college tuition fees are exorbitant in American educational institutions.


Leoboost is proud to offer a scholarship of $1,000 to assuage the financial burden of the students hailing poor-income families in the country. If you are a student reading about our scholarship program and pursuing a social media marketing course, it is your best bet. You can inform your friends and other fellow students about this scholarship program.


Scholarships for social media help you access advanced courses easily. Education in the US is expensive. Data indicates that the average student loan in 2018 in the US is $29,800. If you are a meritorious student with a good GPA score, but hailing from a poor family, you can access advanced education in social media and digital marketing. This is where our scholarship program comes into play.


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Scholarship Benefits

The Leoboost scholarship is one-time financial assistance of $1,000.

Scholarship Eligibility

The Leoboost Scholarship essay should be completed and sent through an email with a Word attachment to [email protected]

Make certain that the students send the following info together with their essays in the correct format:

  • First Name, Last Name of the candidate
  • Telephone number or Mobile
  • Accurate home Address
  • Email ID
  • Date of High School Graduation
  • The university or college the student presently registered or have applied at, or those, whose application is approved
  • Most current or present GPA score
  • Student bio-data in around 290 characters


Choosing the final winner

The US student winning our Leoboost scholarship will receive intimation through email. He or she, who pens an exceptional essay, will win the prize money. He or she must contact Leoboost.com within a few weeks by replying to the said email. The scholarship prize of $1,000 will be sent right away to the winning candidate’s bank or scholarship account.

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