Posted 11 months ago

Credit Transfer to Germany from Bangladesh

Hi all.

Is it possible to credit transfer from any public university to germany? I am from Bangladesh. I've heard that public unis have closed credit,so If i study in any public unis then I can't go germany to pursue my bachelors degree.

Answered 11 months ago

No. You cannot.

Credit transfer from Bangladesh to Germany is not possible.

So, if you want to come to Germany, the easiest way would be to start from the beginning.

no, no credit transfer from any public or private uni is possible. But you can go for bachelor program in Germany

Answered 11 months ago

In that case, is there any other way to utilize my existing study?

Answered 11 months ago

If I understand you correctly, you mean to credit transfer somehow.

But the straight answer is NO.

May I know exactly which semester you are in?

Answered 11 months ago

Currently I am in 4th semester. That is in 2nd year.

Answered 11 months ago


It seems you will lose your 2 years of study, time and money if you try to move to Germany now.

Instead, I suggest you complete your undergraduate first.

Then you try to move to Germany for higher study. It will be convenient for you.

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