Essential Tips and Actions for First Day at University

The first day at university is an exciting step in one’s life, but it can be stressful or scary sometimes, especially if you have decided to study abroad. For those awaiting your freshman year this fall, here are some tips on making the most of your first year at university.  It is normal to feel jittery on your first day at the university; however, you can cut yourself some slack by knowing what is required of you on your first day and preparing yourself ahead. Make it a fun day instead, and ensure the memory is something you will always reminisce about with smiles.


1. Nervousness Normal Occurrence

There is always a first time for everything. Even a newscaster felt jittery on his or her debut appearance on the screen; likewise, your professor felt jittery on his first day before the students. The only thing that you should try to do is be yourself. Do not put too much pressure on yourself or rush things to overcome the nervousness. Remember that the whole of the week is for your adjustment. So, do not clutter everything on your first day to give yourself unnecessary pressure.


2. Go Early

When you arrive at the campus early, you can use enough time to move around and through your classes to know the distance between buildings and the right routes. Coordinate with your housemates and roommates and determine everyone’s time schedules for activities, especially inbound ones.


3. Put Yourself in Order

Planning yourself well will help you know the right time for each activity. Going to bed early will be ideal if you need to wake up early. Choose the right clothes and iron them. Pack your bag. Do not hesitate to ask questions, and know what is in store beforehand. Student advisors are always available to assist you. Pre-planning your meals and snacks will go a great length in helping you put yourself together. Have goals, like reading through the syllabus and other activities you might want to perform. Notwithstanding, do not overburden yourself.


4. Be Open-Minded

Be open to meeting new people, making friends, experiencing new environments, and others. Laugh when there is a need for it. Wave to people who seem to like you from afar. Smile at everyone and feel peace within you.

Take a break for your lunch or coffee in open places and have time to meet other people. There are activities you may not have planned for, but they pop up in your day; be open to accepting or rejecting them, depending on your priorities.


5. Pack Your Backpack With Essentials

It is essential to pack your bag a day ahead. This will allow you to remember anything you may have forgotten while packing it. Items like laptop snacks, notebooks, sharpened pencils, pens, headphones, and earplugs are necessary for your backpack.


6. Remember that every person you meet has something to offer you

You will meet hundreds of new people at college – classmates, professors, advisors, recruiters, staff on campus, etc. Naturally, you won’t become friends with everyone, but we recommend networking with as many people as possible, especially when you’re new at the university.


7. Get to know your professors.

College is as much about networking as it is about taking classes. Plus, most professors will be happy to get to know you, share their experiences, and guide you through college.



The first day at university marks the commencement of an exciting and transformative journey. While nervousness is normal, embracing the experience with an open mind and a well-prepared approach can turn it into a memorable and enjoyable day. Early arrival, self-organization, and a positive attitude toward meeting new people and exploring the campus contribute to a successful start. The tips provided guide freshmen, particularly those studying abroad, to make the most of their initial university experience and set the stage for a fulfilling academic adventure.


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Essential Tips and Actions for First Day at University
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